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Telephone line

June 28, 2013

Communications here at Macazana are unreliable, so we have decided that we must get a telephone landline with broadband. We are now considered to be old hands at this form filling game, we know the ropes, we’ve got all the needful documents. But no! Martin has fallen at the first fence. On his second visit, the eagle-eyed clerk saw that Martin’s recently renewed driving license was out of date. Martin’s second driving license had the old address and is 9 months out of date. There appears to be a random way of picking expiry dates on driving licenses

How much longer is this going to take?

How much longer is this going to take?

and we will have to be more alert in future.
The upshot of course is not only an extra round of visits to the telephone office, but also another bout with the RTO for renewing driving licenses. Martin will probably get fined for having two licenses.


Changing the address on a driving license in India

February 20, 2013

Having moved house, we now needed to change the addresses on our driving licenses. This project is still in progress, three months after the move and after six visits to the Road Traffic Office (RTO).

This is how it goes.

Visit one – find out what paperwork is required. Including discovering that there is no form for change of address (presumably because Goan’s do not move house?)

Visit two – return with said paperwork, to be asked for more paperwork.

Visit three – return with renewed set of papers, to have to go away and get a photocopy of one set, and hand-write two separate letters saying what we want. Finally get to submit papers and gather the all important chit to say we have made said application.

Visit four – go to collect new licenses, having been assured on visit three that we had done all that was required. Now find out that the copy of the existing licenses left with the previous submission is inadequate and that we have to hand in the originals.

Visit five – return to collect new licenses, and joy of joys collect all papers. Hang on – still no new licenses? No, we have to pay (large queue so elect to go away and return next day).

Visit six – return to pay fees, only to find that there is still a further step involving new photographs, signatures and thumb prints. Martin completes this, Alison is yet to do it.

Finally, Martin should be able to collect his license tomorrow, and Alison two days after she gets her photograph done.

It is truly exhausting.

The Gas Bottle

October 13, 2012

The national government struggles to get anything changed and when it does manage to change something it usually has to backtrack as the opposition gets its teeth into the issue. However last week the government did manage to raise the price of diesel (there is a national strike over it today) and cap the number of subsidised gas bottles to six each year. As luck would have it our gas bottle ran out at the same time. We are miserly with gas usage and a bottle lasts us about 9 months and don’t bother with a spare.

The bottle can be delivered but as we are not in a lot of the time it could take three months before the planets are in line for both parties to meet. So Martin flags down a rickshaw and arrives at the gas bottle depot, which consists of a 10’x10’ office and a piece of muddy ground with loaded lorries parked on it. Martin is told that his book has been ‘blocked’ and no reason was given. Not prone to fits of violent temper, Martin surprised himself when he hit the roof and the manager rushes from somewhere to find out what the fuss is about. It turns out that the government while restricting the number of subsidised bottles allowed to a consumer also insists that if you are not using a bottle at least every six months you are blocked! Haven’t figured that one out yet.

Anyway, after supplying the manager with photocopies of various documents Martin was allowed to get a new bottle sans receipt, with the advice that he should visit the office in six months time and get a dummy bill which would get him round the six month rule. it’s still a case of everything has to be done at least twice.