Weighing nylon twine.



A few years back Martin found a tangled long length of string on the beach at Colem, near Palolem. To wile away some time on a lazy Sunday he salvaged a good few yards of the stuff and because of its great quality has helped secure stuff more or less permanently. With the move of house the supply has gone, so it was time to go in search for more of the same.


Best advice, was to go to the Gandhi Market in Margao. Several likely shops were only selling cheap nylon rope (rots quickly) and all said that he should be looking for ‘cordon’ rope. The word string was not recognize and Martin was unable to ascertain the Konkanni word for it. Cordon rope is to be found at a shop in the old New Market, but cordon rope is hemp string and rope (rots quickly) and it’s the only type they sell.


Martin then went in search of the local commercial fishing shop and found it wasn’t where he’d last found it and no-one knew where it had moved to. So a trip to the new New Market only to find more cheap rope. The effort was abandoned for the day.


Next day it was needful to return to the old New Market and Martin immediately spotted the fishing shop. He’d only walked straight past it three times the previous day. Signage is a very weak point in India and  shops look the same whatever they are selling, stacked high with stuff in no particular order, anywhere just so long as there is space. Anyway, it then only took five minutes of discussion to find the right string (nylon twine is what the locals call it). To ascertain the cost involved scales and a calculator. One hundred and one rupees later and the prize was Martin’s. He’s got enough for his lifetime.

No photo of string but I like this one of a young langur – Orchha 2010.

High wire act in Orchha

High wire act in Orchha




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