Magir. Pre-monsoon preparations.

It always seems that the Goan authorities and utility companies are totally unprepared for the annual monsoon season. If we had a monsoon in the UK, I’d guess that, as a rule, works would commence immediately the rain and wind subsided. Here in Goa there seems to be a sense of “Oh! It’s stopped. That’s good. Time to relax after all the problems of electricity, sewerage, roads falling to bits etc. We’ll think about repairing the damage magir. (Magir is a much used word in Goa and sort of means manana, tomorrow, later, perhaps, maybe, you’ll be lucky.) Then after about five months of fine weather all hell lets loose on the roads as the realization that there’s another monsoon on the way in about two months time and something really should be done.  These works never seem to reach fruition and the roads remain a patched up mess for another year. One main road out of Margao is now into its fifth year of sewerage improvements. It’s about half a mile.


Electricity is another problem pre-monsoon and monsoon . There has been a programme (well we think it might be a programme) to relocate the rickety overhead mains supply underground. Slow progress here and each time some of the cabling disappears under a road and sort of reinstatement of the road has taken place along comes the sewerage cum

Aethopyga siparaja vigorsii.

Aethopyga siparaja vigorsii.

drainage outfit and digs it all up again. At the first sniff of rain, the power goes on and off regularly, at the first puff of wind branches take the wires down and the power goes off again. Somehow or other the electricity bods seem to get through monsoon better than might be expected.


Well, monsoon is only a couple of weeks away so we are closely studying the local roads and learning where the major potholes are to try and avoid disappearing into one that will be heavily disguised as just a little puddle when the rain falls out of the sky. Happy motoring!

Photo is of Crimson Sunbird, a regular evening visitor. This race is specific to the Wes tern Ghats around Goa. Its scientific name certainly doesn’t do justice to its beauty.


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