Jumping Chicken

IMG_0205 After a couple of light showers late March, a storm rolled in and gave us solid rain for a couple of hours. We were able to sit outside and watch the spectacular with drinks in hand and listening to various rain-related songs over the roar from the storm, favourite being Weather with You by Crowded House. The garden looked very strange in the lightning being sharply defined but in monochrome.


As it eased and we were mopping up the flood in the bar, the sound of happy bullfrogs took over from the uproar. As last year, they came out of hibernation with the first heavy rain and we guess they are enjoying the start of the mating season. A difference from last year was that no cars loaded with frog hunters arrived and went away after a couple of hours with sackfuls of what is a local (illegal) delicacy known as Jumping Chicken. This was at Macazana our previous home for eighteen months before JCBs and lorries rolled in to turn the paddy fields and hillside into a wasteland, while they toiled away at a major project, which is unlikely ever to be completed. Ho hum, it’s India.


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