Duracell Bunny

IMG_0225After 6 months of relative sloth, in March Martin launched himself into the task of finding a new home and business premises. A week’s holiday in Nepal failed to slow him down and on exactly the right day our business continued uninterrupted at the new bungalow. We’d also moved in the majority of our stuff from our Macazana home.


Time for a rest? Not a bit of it. Business blossomed unexpectedly – we were thinking there would be a lull due to the move. Au contraire, new patients arrived and old patients who had stopped coming because of the hill climb to the college clinic re-appointed. This pattern has continued even after being there for five weeks.


Shortly after settling in, we fulfilled a pre-Xmas promise to our friends Norman and Carole who own a hotel not too far away (www.casasusegad.com), to look after their animals while they were away. We shifted again and settled in to the life of out of season hoteliers.


This took the pressure off day-to-day household stuff at the new house. All meals are cooked, laundry and cleaning done by an able and willing staff. Time for Martin to slow down? No. He’s been fixing non-working bits and pieces in the new house, putting up kitchen and other shelves, sorting out minor plumbing problems, re-arranging electrics, running around after the panchayat  (village council) people trying to get a No Objection Certificate to run the business, fixing oil leaks on the Bullet, servicing the scooter and sorting boxes filled with seven years accumulation of papers  and other stuff. Plus he’s been out in the garden planting (right time of year, first rains and everything takes off pre-monsoon) and pressure washing the paint work which is suffering from a couple of years monsoon moss etc.


Alison said  all was unnecessary in such a short space of time and commented that he was behaving like a Duracell Bunny. No sign of the battery reaching the end of its life yet.


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