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Doing business in India – how’s your genealogy?

February 23, 2014

Of all the things we thought we needed to know to do business in India, who would have thought our family trees were so important?

We have been asked to complete some forms to allow certain documents to be filed with the Registrar of Companies (India’s Companies House). In no particular order, we have to furnish the following names:

Mother inc step mother
Son inc step son
Son’s wife
Daughter inc step daughter
Father’s father
Father’s mother
Mother’s father
Mother’s mother
Son’s son
Son’s son’s wife
Son’s daughter
Son’s daughter’s husband
Daughter’s son
Daughter’s husband
Daughter’s son’s wife
Daughter’s daughter
Daughter’s daughter’s husband
Brothers inc step brothers
Brother’s wife
Sister inc step sister
Sister’s husband

Fortunately my family is fairly small. Martin’s, on the other hand … Well we could be here some time. Do you think anyone will check?