Martin’s wallet goes AWOL – book one

Our journey back from Udaipur involved an overnight train to Jaipur, followed by a flight back to Goa. We arrived by train around 6am and were just about to order breakfast when Martin realised his wallet was missing. Had he dropped it? Had his pocket been picked? We didn’t know.

While Martin searched all his numerous pockets in case he’d made a mistake, Alison consulted the station master. His advice, come back at 7.30 when the train we had been on would reach the next station. Martin was then despatched to file an FIR, the all important document we would need from the police to prove we had reported the wallet stolen. We weren’t worried about the money or the credit cards, these could be replaced. However Martin’s Goan driving license was in the wallet and … well, regular readers of this blog don’t need a lecture on Goan bureaucracy.

Come 7.30am and back to the station manager. Miracle of miracles, the wallet had been found by the ticket collector on the train (another triumph for Indian Railways). Martin had dropped it on the berth he was sleeping on. But how to get it back from its journey up the line? To be continued …


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