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Only parking, not driving

May 19, 2011

On her way for a quick shopping trip one Thursday evening, Alison spied a motorist about to get into a deal of trouble from other road users and maybe the police by going the wrong way down a one way street. He was already causing a traffic jam.

Ever the good samaritan, Alison thought he was unfamiliar with the town and went across to point out that he had to turn round. He replied: ‘I’m only parking, I’m only parking, not driving’. ‘Where?’, wondered Alison, not seeing any parking spaces in sight.

When the Indian and Goan medias wonder why there’s such a high death rate on the roads, they could spare some comment for the Indian tendency to ignore any instruction/order/law that inconveniences them.


Tales from the market

May 9, 2011

Into the steamy indoor market in the middle of Margao to buy a quarter kilo of coffee beans. Five of us involved in the transaction – Alison plus four people behind the counter. Only one of the five knew how much to charge. Guess which one.
Just as well she retains that British sense of honesty!