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Escape from Goa

March 26, 2009

The local beaches are being steadily ruined around here and we don’t find them attractive enough to go down and paddle. Not that we’ve had much time to do that anyway, but it used to be nice to go on the odd occasion. It amazes us how quickly the government has allowed or encouraged the scene to deteriorate… on second thoughts it does’nt amaze us. It’s happened.
So we want beach? We know a couple, not far away in Maharastra, only two hours on the motorcycle. 5 kilometers of pristine sand: empty of tourists, sun beds, beach shacks, music, lifeguards and their paraphernalia, muggers and rubbish. Guess where we’re going this weekend.
Mind you, word has it that the Maharastran government has big plans to get the tourists up there, including an unnecessary (for Goan tourism) new airport in Goa. Only five years to go before they wreck these beaches too.



March 26, 2009

We are still without broadband at home. Hence the blog is very intermittent. Apologies to those who are missing out on the fun and games we have living in a parallel universe.
We’ve learned to stop getting agitated with the systems or lack of same. For some reason we are not supposed to have braodband at home at this time. We’ve even tried to bribe someone but it was either not enough or not the right person.

Maid in Goa 2

March 26, 2009

Our two day maid turned up unexpectedly a month after her aunt died. She explained that she liked working for us but a nephew had suddenly expired, so she had been able to work. Could she please come back? We hadn’t bothered to replace her so we said yes, with some reservations. Quite right too. She said she can start in the middle of May because she is too busy with her son’s wedding!

She’s got two unmarried daughters and a wealth of ageing kith and kin. We doubt we’ll get more than six days a year out of her, if she ever gets round to re-starting.
And, Oh yes, please could we pay her for the two days!