No, not weapons of mass destruction, although sometimes we wish we had some to get rid of bureaucrats, but The Ways and Means Department. The work for this department requires travel, a good deal of patience, an even temper, dedication and a resilient backside (uncomfortable seating and a three hour round trip on Harry).
We needed a certificate to complete some needful paperwork. This stuff is important for foreigners; without it we are not legally able to take money. We gave our company secretary the qualifying paperwork 20 days ago. It turned out that one document was missing (again) but as it was filed in a neighbouring office in the same building our man would get it. He told us that we need do no more; the whole shebang (32 x A4 papers/forms/certificates) would be processed… pronto.
Of couse nothing happened…zilch, nix, zero, sweet FA, despite phone calls and emails to all parties. So on Monday Martin went to the Co Sec’s office and sat while they located the paperwork (all had gone missing) for two and a half hours. When they eventually turned up a promise was given that the process would be complete on Wednesday. No it wasn’t. Another trip on Wednesday resulted in the head honcho not being there, but a promise was exacted by phone that the paperwork would be delivered on Thursday morning. No, it wasn’t. On Friday after another 3 hours on the road and 1 1/2 hours sitting in the Co Sec’s office, we had achieved our objective.
The inefficiency is breathtaking.


One Response to “WMD”

  1. Andrew & Jill Says:

    Well take comfort in the fact that service can be crap here too! After nearly two weeks wait and well magir, Dell promised to deliver my spanky new mega-laptop – between 9 and 6. needless to say, not. So after waiting in all day instead of earning a crust (it was bloody cold though so not to much hardship) I checked their on-line tracking service (don’t bother to ring Dell, their automated services tell you to ring the courier and when you do so, their automated services tell you to ring Dell, who of course are in Hyderabad, that well known district of Ireland) Anyway the tracking site on the internet tells me they tried to deliver at 9am and as I wasn’t in a card was put through my door – not. And hardly suprising when on further examination I noticed that the first line of my address had disappeared from the couriers site! F**kwits. If the laptop wasn’t such extraordinary value they could stuff it.
    Love and kisses from “civilisation”

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