Clockwork – not

Report from The Back Pain Clinic.
In our Marlow practices we had a steady stream of patients who arrived near enough to the appointed time. Occasional glitches occurred when someone arrived early/late, but the set-up was such that they were usually easily ironed out.
We are trying, but failing, to regiment our quickly growing patient list. Today is a fairly typical experience. Excuse the list:
P1 9.00-10.00
P2 10-10.30
P3 10.30-11.00
P4 11.30.
All simple enough.
Martin arrives at 8.50 to be told that his 9.00 am had arrived early and gone away but would return. He didn’t, until 9.50 and then at the same time as P2 (early) and P3 (very early). We sorted somehow, one treatment being done in the waiting room. P4 no show yet, but he was very late last time. Not conducive to sanity and good treatment! Time to work on a new apointment system, like ‘I’ll book you in on Monday’.
PS P4 did arrive only 45 minutes late… so it was a late and short lunch break. It’s a wonder that trains are generally punctual. Answers on a postcard.


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