Has anyone seen Harry’s rag?

Harry has his own cleaning cloth, the wipe him down from the morning dew, or from the water poured on him by accident when he’s parked in Margao. Martin left the cloth out to dry, wrapped round Harry’s front. Alison carefully put it away before driving off, then forgot to put it out again, so Martin thought it had gone missing.
Once found, he put it out to dry again.
That all happened yesterday. Fast forward to this morning and Alison goes to mop Harry down before riding off. Where’s the cloth? We didn’t have to look far for a culprit. Black and white, four legs and a tail. Must remember Muppet’s favourite toy is any piece of cloth she can get her teeth into! We suspect Harry’s cloth may never be seen again.


2 Responses to “Has anyone seen Harry’s rag?”

  1. Andrew & Jill Says:

    Don’t know if we told you but on our last morning in Goa, Scooby had vanished! we searched the village (on foot as the Bullet had been mothballed) but to no avail. Rang Miloo yesterday to be told that he re-appeared shortly after we left, howling and crying at every door and window. He is now in residence on the balcony with Miloo bringing food alternate days when she comes to water the garden and Teresa at the front filling in the other days. A happy ending as this was his first absence in nearly 5 months and we were worried he may have met with a mishap! Magir…

  2. Alison and Martin Bale Says:

    Glad to hear Scooby is OK. If we’re up that way we’ll look in on him. Perhaps take him some cake.

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