Power to the People!

Following the ‘No Light?’ blog, if we are observant then we can predict a power cut. There’s usually one at about midnight. We think this is due to a change of work shift at a power station in Karnataka (neighbouring state) from where some of Goa’s power is derived. Then there’s the gathering of paunchy, hands-in-pockets GED officials around a sub-station or a hole in the ground; this sighting is not a reliable gauge as to when, it’s more of an ‘imminent’ warning. If they start to puff up and look important, then they are about to pull the plug. Two men looking at trees and electricity poles and carrying a rickety bamboo ladder and a vicious looking knife tied on to the end of a pole, near a bicycle or scooter means there is a cut or there will be one within minutes. If they are on the move on bicycle or scooter… it’s the next village, not us.
An observation that tells us nothing about timing of powercuts is the sight of miles and miles of dug-up and dusty roadsides. The GED is burying electricity cables; the whole state is effected; all at the same time. It tells us nothing about powercuts because the cable ends are not connected and so don’t yet come into the equation. However,if they do get round to connecting the underground cables to the grid many of the problems, including that of electrcity theft which is rife throughout India, will be resolved. Power to the People!


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