No light?

When there’s a power cut and there are many of them, the locals go round to their neighbour to check that it’s not just their house affected. They ask ‘No light?’. So this is the term used for a power cut.
We’ve figured out the reason why so many. The GED (Goa Electricity Department) employs a regiment of officials whose task it is to cut the power, thus ensuring the safety of the army of GED foot soldiers. These officers must have employment so it’s a case of finding any excuse to find work. Here are a few. Replacing the neon tube street lights (they seem to last about three months before failing), lopping branches from fast growing trees (outside our house the tree was branchless when we arrived and now it’s fully fledged and attacking the cables), twisting together the ends of broken cables, finding ways to support sagging cables, connecting new buildings to the grid (Goa is a building site at the moment) and there must be more.
By the way, power cuts have ceased to trouble us. It’s a way of life.


One Response to “No light?”

  1. Travis Says:

    Hey there~

    Sounds like things are going well with you guys. We’re still here in Marlow until the 1st of May then we’re off to Lakenheath. I’m looking forward to the move, if for no other reason thatn to get it over with. *smirk*

    Seems that there is never enough time. If it’s not school its something else. With the move coming up it seems taht there is even less time. The house is full of boxes and the shelves are empty.

    Erica and I often say we miss you. Especially now with the weather changing ever other deay. One day Sunny and 15 and the next snow and 3. Crazy .

    Well…again, we hope all is well in your world. Keep in touch. we read often even if we don’t write enough.



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