Ganesh – for Peter Moore

GaneshHere is a picture of Ganesh, our favourite (and Dennis’s) Hindu God. He sits in our bedroom and presides over our prosperity and success. We were given him two years ago, before we moved to India, but we have only just learnt that he is the first image of all Hindu gods to be set up in a new home or business. It doesn’t matter if he is not your favourite god, he’s always first in! He is ‘The God of Obstacles’ and jolly good he is at helping us get round them, but sometimes we think he has a good time setting them up, too.
The story goes that his father, another god called Shiva, cut off Ganesh’s head when he mistook him for a stranger in the house. Mum, a goddess called Parvati, was totally distraught… so Shiva sent out his men to find the head of the first sleeping being facing north. They came back with an elephant’s head ( I guess they didn’t quite understand what the head was to be used for), which Shiva placed on the boy’s severed neck and restored him to life. You can check out more of the story on this website .
PS I don’t suppose you’ll be interested but Ganesh says you should have a look at our backpain business website.


One Response to “Ganesh – for Peter Moore”

  1. Dres and John Says:

    Hi Guys, sorry we didnt see you again before you returned to India. Very busy over here, it was Mothers Day yesterday so the H & H was very busy. Our new Head Chef is great and consequently yesterday went smoothly. We finally seem to be getting things organised Been snowing today briefly, but spring is definitely on the way.

    Having a big charity do for St George’s Day in aid of Great Ormond Street so work to do for that with a raffle/auction as well.

    Glad things are moving on over there.
    Talk soon
    Love Dres

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