Harry goes travelling

Harry and Alison have just returned from their first foray into Margao. They went the wrong way once, and had to contend with men trailing electricity cables across the road (which the men blithely seemed to think we would all drive over).
Alison is slowly coming to terms with two wheels, although the driving habits of a lifetime are proving hard to break. You know the ones, indicating before you change direction, stopping and looking before pulling out at ‘blind’ junctions. However Alison isn’t sure she will ever master the Goan art of proceeding at high speed into any available gap, horn blaring when the brakes might seem more appropriate. If she does master it, we’ll issue an advance warning of our return to the UK so everyone we know can get off the road!
Martin has also ventured out on Harry this week, all the way to Panjim. Don’t laugh, those you who are familiar with Goa, he went via Dabolim Airport. You can get to Panjim from Dabolim but only if you’re prepared to swim the Zuari, ‘mugger’ crocodilles and all. To be fair, he was trying to avoid some of the NH17. And he was not helped by the Goan art of locals not knowing where they were. Requests for which village he was in, and which way he should go, were met with a range of misdirections. But he survived, so did Harry. Just as well because, given Panjim is the bureaucratic capital, no doubt we’ll have to go there again soon. The paperwork he took to complete turned out to be incomplete. Now where have you heard that before?


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