Two up

It’s been 42 years since Martin last rode a motorbike. OK, so a 102cc automatic scooter isn’t the same as 500cc Enfield, but we bought one yesterday,a scooter that is; Harry the Honda. It’s not so much the control of the machine that has caused some of the wobbly moments, it’s learning to cope with the unstructured driving habits at a higher speed than cycles, which have been our transport up till now. Most of the driving is done on the left. One big exception is junctions when you transfer to the right side of the road if possible; roundabouts or circles as they are known are generally taken on the left, but not always. It’s accepted that some people drive on the right side of the road, nobody gets upset. Road rage doesn’t seem to come into the equation.
Anyway, after Martin had 20 kilometres solo practice, Alison braved the journey to work in the centre of Margao travelling pillion. Suffice it to say we both lived to tell the tale and it looks like this mode of transport will become part of our way of life.


2 Responses to “Two up”

  1. des Says:

    What a brilliant choice of motoring transport.
    People have gone round the world on a honda C90
    so with a bit of practice you may come back to blighty on it!


  2. Alison and Martin Bale Says:

    Hi Des
    Just a bit of practice, you say. Panjim (25K up the road) would be a bit of a stretch at the moment. Still, we haven’t hit anyone we know. But that’s probably because Martin is doing most of the piloting. I think they will have to declare a state of national emergency the day I venture single-handed into Margao, never mind back to Blighty.

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