I feel a rant coming on

We had this quaint idea that once we had our residency permits (received today from the police) that things would get easier. No such luck. We’re trying to buy a scooter, paid for by the business; it’s tax efficient. Here’s a list of the paperwork we’ve been asked for (no joke or exaggeration):

Lease agreement on apartment
Resident’s permit
Memorandum and Articles of Association for the business
Certificate from the Registrar of Companies
Utility bill
Board resolution
Letter of Authority from our company
Company stamp.

We have spent the last five hours (again no exaggeration) putting this package together and returning to the showroom. Can we buy a scooter on the business? No! It transpires that because the utility bill is in martin’s name and not the company’s it is not valid. Also we copied only the permits and not the rules and regulation section or the initial application form.

So, we have to try again tomorrow armed with a bank statement in place of a utility bill, plus the other pages from each permit.

Off now to lie down in a darkened room.


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